For White Chocolate Mousse With Strawberries


• 625 g Dairy cream Lowicz 36%

• 800 g White chocolate White Miravet Eurocao

• 3 Gelatin leaves (in cold water)

• 2000 g Dairy cream Lowicz 36%

• 300 g Strawberry in gel fruigel 


For White Chocolate Mousse With Strawberries


Heat dairy cream Lowicz 36% up to 85 °C and pour it over white chocolate White Miravet Eurocao by adding softened gelatin leaves. When the mixture reaches 35 °C, gradually mix dairy cream Lowic 36% and strawberry in gel fruigel.



For Premium Compunf Chocolate Zafiro White


Melt and coat the half-globe silicone with premium compound chocolate Zafiro White. We freeze and after making it out of the mold with a bunch, we make a cardoon pattern in the middle.




We fill a half-ball silicone mold with the muzzle up. Fry well and sprinkle with red cocoa butter. Turn it over and place the white chocolate that we have made in the shape of a half sphere and a heart shape in the middle while before we put a heart of farciture strawberry fruigel in the sphere we made in another heart shaped silicone form.


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